06 December 2018

Norwegian Raw Materials for Europe


At this years “Industry Futurum” event, companies took the opportunity to look into collaboration opportunities for the delivery of specialized Raw materials.

For the third time the association of Norwegian Industries arranged “industry Futurum”, the national meeting place for Norwegian industrial actors. As this is the largest event of its kind in Norway, the Eydecluster, in collaboration with the Technical University of Trondheim (NTNU) and the EIT RawMaterials ( arranged a mobilization event in this context, as Lars Petter Maltby (Head of R&D at Eydecluster) points out.

European Strength:
As a European public platform with autonomous funding, the EIT RawMaterials wants to further develop the raw materials sector in Europe into a position of global strength based on process knowhow and increasing resource efficiency to produce sustainable high performing materials.


Collaboration opportunity:
The Eydecluster, together with NTNU had the role of initiators and coordinators for this event. Here the EIT RawMaterials presented its collaboration platform and how they work to bring together Research and Industry to create meaningful collaboration projects. As an autonomous and specialized Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC,) with its own funding, the EIT has the authority to evaluate proposals directly in- house. By being close to the users, this represents a good opportunity for building meaningful collaborations throughout and across value chains.


Cooperations between knowledge creators such as Universities and Research institutes is something we find as well in the Norwegian Catapult centres Future Materials and Raufoss Manufacturing ( more information)  are such existing collaborations and fit well to the focus areas of the EIT RawMaterials.

 The Eydecluster is represented through Resitec and Eramet in the EIT but we see its relevance for other members (and non-members) too.
Have a look into the EIT focus areas here.

During 2019, there will be further events organized by this group of organizers.
Get in touch with us at PROSIN for staying updated or discuss any ideas.


Here you will find the presentations from the event:

Presentasjon1 EIT Raw materials

Presentasjon2  Elkem Technology

Presentasjon3 EIT Raw materials/NTNU/Eyde-klyngen

Presentasjon4 Vito

Presentasjon5 Eramet

Presentasjon6 Metal Processing

Presentasjon7  Resitec

Presentasjon8 Swerim

Presentasjon9 Metnet

Presentasjon10 Glencore Nikkelverk